David Meerman Scott has been offering very valuable marketing advice for a number of years now. His book, World Wide Rave, was one of the most inspiring (and quickest!) reads of my life. Printers that attend the NPES conference in November will have the opportunity to hear him present in person.

If you are a service provider (focused on print, mail, fulfillment, or just marketing in general), you don’t need to wait until the NPES conference to receive some inspiration from David. Read this blog post that he put up recently. The title of the post is “Real time, data-driven marketing and sales“.

In the article, he presents a scenario of how marketing data can truly be put to use in real-time. It “starts” with a person visiting a website and registering for a webinar. The salesforce is notified via email.

If you are providing marketing services to your clients, you might be nodding your head affirmatively, saying that “I can do those things today! I can set up a landing page with questions, and I can have an email be automatically sent to the appropriate sales rep”.

Well, keep reading further down in David’s post… He discusses looking at the other data that you might have on that person. How else have the interacted with your business? Is there something about his company’s profile that the sales reps must know before they react?

Can you, as the service provider, access that data? Can you quickly pull the answers to questions like those and provide it to the sales team? If so, you will greatly increase the success of the marketing efforts that you may be creating and executing.