Home Sweet Home

So… you’ve done something marketing-related to promote your business. You (and your marketing team) are excited about it. Maybe you have even shown a sales rep, and they kind of dig it as well.

Perhaps it’s a new white paper or eBook. Perhaps you’ve launched a Facebook page for your company, or set up a Twitter account.

Well, how are you going to tell the world about it? How will you make them excited about what you have to offer?

There are plenty of ways to reach out to people outside of your building. You can certainly send a postcard and an email. You can send out a press release. You can make phone calls, and on and on.

However, there is another group of people that may be willing to help spread the word for you. Sometimes they are so close to us, that we overlook them when planning out our campaign.

Yes, the other employees in our building can be a very valuable resource when it comes to promoting a marketing effort.

Before you send the “Visit us on Facebook” email to your customer and prospect lists, send it to your employee list first. If you can get them on board and excited, that will help attract extra attention to what you are promoting.

Perhaps the employees will provide valuable feedback on how to make something better, before the whole world sees it.

Yes, “fellow employees” should truly be another Source/Target Audience when setting up a marketing campaign.

It can cause excitement in the office… build morale… and, help to improve the overall success of the marketing effort.