When it comes to what our marketing software should do, we receive feedback from a variety of sources. We certainly hear from and listen to our customers.  We look at the “market” – what are people saying their needs are, and what tools are changing the way marketers can reach people today.   And just as importantly, we look at our own staff – what do they need from our product to do their job better?

Well, we would like to take a few moments to tell you how we use our solution… Maybe you’ll learn about features that you did not know existed, which you can use for your business.

As you may know, our software has 6 modules (albeit, integrated). While we are not a warehouse or a printer, we still use parts of our inventory management and variable print modules.  We use our marketing software to manage and measure our campaigns. We use the sales module to funnel people from “lead” status to “customer” (if all goes well J). We use the storefront to allow sales reps to access and send out collateral. We also use our project management tool to ensure that open tasks reach resolution .

Behind each of those 6 modules, there is a longer story about how we use the product. But today, we would like to tell you how our online project management tool helps us on a daily basis.

In regards to features, the project management tool primarily lets us do these things:

·         Build projects

·         Add team members to that project

·         Create, manage, and close tasks

·         Upload and retrieve documents

In regards to solving problems, the tool primarily helps us in these two areas:

·         Communication

·         Exposure

In the department of communication, we use the tool to talk with our customers. The system allows people to enter tasks. It might be a request for a feature enhancement, a question on how to do something in another module of the software, or to report an area of the system that “needs attention”.    Once the task has been entered, it can then be assigned to the appropriate person. That person addresses the task – maybe they ask for more info, or perhaps they resolve it, and close the task. Some tasks stay open for weeks, others live to see the light of day for only a few minutes.

The bottom line is that this system allows our customers to address their needs directly to the interlinkONE staff, at their convenience. They can escalate the status or urgency when the need arises. Then, from our perspective, everyone on the team for a specific project has exposure to a customer’s needs. Perhaps a project manager is unavailable; well, rather than a task sitting unattended for a period of time, another employee that is familiar with the project can pick up the dialog with that customer.


We also use the project management tool to communicate internally.  Here is one example – launching a campaign.   

There are many things that happen when we are working on a new marketing effort. We need help from different departments – the design team, sales, management, marketing, and more.   There is work to be done before the campaign is launched, while it’s happening, and when it’s winding down.

Altogether, there are many tasks that need to be done for each marketing effort. We use the project management tool to track each task.   For example, perhaps you are looking to launch a new direct mail and email campaign today. Here is a list of tasks (and whom they might be assigned to) that may need to be accomplished:

Task Title

Assigned To

Due Date

Creative ideas for campaign

Design team


Develop text for the mailer

Marketing and Management

Three days from now

Design & create mailer

Design and Marketing

Next week

Get mailing list ready

Sales and Marketing

Next week

Create landing page


Four days from now

Create email blast


Five days from now

Present campaign to sales team


Next week

Schedule follow-up to mailer


Next week


Now, these are just a few examples of the tasks that need to be done when you are launching a marketing campaign. But, here’s what our project management tool allows us to do –

          Anyone, from anywhere, can take a look at the status of a campaign launch. They can see who is working on what, how much progress has been made, and what tasks may need extra attention.

The more campaigns we do, the better “our internal process” becomes…  We can replicate the steps and tasks from a previous campaign for future marketing efforts.


We hope that you have found this article beneficial. There are plenty of ways that you can use our project management tool for your own company’s needs. If you have any questions about that, please feel free to contact us.