Software for In-Plant Printing, Fulfillment and Mail Facilities

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For nearly two decades we have been working with leading in-plant printing, direct mail, and fulfillment facilities across the US and Canada. We proudly work with members of many industry associations including, but not limited to, IPMA, ACUP, NACUMS, UMMA, CUMSA, ACUMS, and CUPMAC. You may have also seen our CEO, John Foley, Jr., in In-Plant Graphics Magazine! Given our experience both in the industry and with our long-time in-plant clients, we understand the challenges you face every day first hand. In fact, John Foley, Jr. recently published a book for the industry; Business Transformation: A Path to Profit for In-Plant Facilities.

ilinkONEpro, the leading software for in-plant’s for fulfillment, marketing, print, sales, inventory, web-to-print, and more is available as a full suite or in individual modules. Check it out:

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[/fusion_title][fusion_text] is the next generation software as a service (SaaS), warehouse, marketing, and order fulfillment software for in-plant printing, fulfillment, marketing and direct mail facilities that operates efficiently with no hardware or software to maintain or install.

interlinkONE_manager_inventory_inplant_softwareAccess ilinkONEpro from any computer, tablet, or mobile device and experience a fully-featured responsive system that allows you and your internal customers to maintain inventory, order products or electronic documents, handle complex business rules with ease, execute multi-channel marketing campaigns including email blasts and landing pages with automatic electronic fulfillment, operate a storefront with web-to-print technology, and much more. ilinkONEpro is secure, customizable and configurable to your specifications, scalable as your in-plant grows, branded for your company (not ours!), supports an unlimited  number of users, facilities, and locations, and can handle even the most challenging of fulfillment and marketing challenges.


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ilinkONEpro Capabilities

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Looking for software to help you manage your marketing department’s efforts in one solution? It’s here. Both hard copy and digital forms of fulfillment are becoming more widespread among businesses in all industries, and in today’s ever-changing marketing landscape, companies must have a reliable system for managing their fulfillment and customer communications. Click here to learn more about our award-winning customer communications management solution.[/toggle][accordian][toggle title=”Online Ordering” open=”no”]The ilinkORDERS solution allows you to setup online ordering portals and storefronts (eCommerce, POD, or inventory ordering) for your internal customers or to allow brokers, sales reps, customers, or prospects to order from your organization. This provides people with the ability to access and order the materials they need, when they need them. But it doesn’t end there! Because the portals are built on top of ilinkONEpro’s inventory management platform, you can truly provide access to all types of materials through one front-end. Interested? Click here to learn more about this software solution for order management.

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ilinkMARKETING enables you to easily build, manage, and execute cross-channel campaigns for your organization’s marketing efforts and then easily measure the success of the components.  You will also be able to track all of your marketing department’s contacts in the CRM, ilinkSALES, so no need to fumble with multiple software platforms.  Learn more about our marketing and CRM tools.

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ilinkWAREHOUSE enables you to collect, track, and manage any type of inventory from documents, to samples, marketing collateral, digital marketing assets, shipping materials, and more. There truly is no limit to what you can inventory! To see more features and a report sampler from this sector of our software, visit Warehouse Management.

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The ilinkPRINT module  allows you to manage a digital web store of variable collateral that can be customized and personalized.  This module is a perfect fit for your web-to-print and variable data printing needs, from simple to complex, no matter the restrictions or business rules.  Check it out today!