Does your marketing team face these challenges?

There is a great chart from eMarketer today that caught my attention.

It details the results of a survey that asked marketers what types of challenges they face when it comes to the data that they are collecting.

Google and Personalized Search Results

Google+ Logo

Over the past couple of years, Google has made changes to its search engine to personalize the results that it presents. For instance, Google rolled out changes in 2009 to start¬†integrating a user’s social media data on the Results page.

Today, they have announced that they are […]

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A Holiday Card Worth Imitating

Alright, before get too far in this post, I must say this: I received a lot of Holiday cards this year. And I loved them all!

But I just want to take a moment to highlight one that stood out to me.

The Holiday eCard from Fabcom

FabCom is an interactive marketing agency. I love their company and their staff for […]