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4 Ways to Enhance Targeted Marketing Efforts

Do your marketing efforts make a personal and immediate connection with your audience? Do you use a proactive approach for telling them how your business can specifically help their needs? If you feel like you should improve your campaigns but are not sure how to, take a look at these four tips to help you get started!

9 Ways to Keep Leads and Prospects Engaged

Sometimes the usual phone call or email is just the complete wrong way to follow-up with leads.  While tempting, keep in mind that you may catch them at a bad time, lead them to feeling like they’re “being sold,” or have […]

Packing For a Trade Show

interlinkONE recently attended Print ’09 in Chicago, IL. This trade show was a large show lasting six days long and we had some great new things to show. Some of those items included our new banner, new collateral and new show panels.  So we were excited to get to Chicago.

With that said, it was my task to get all […]

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