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Make Your CRM A Successful Collaboration

As technology has evolved, so has CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Historically, CRM tended to focus on internal operational effectiveness. It was all about providing easier access to information for employees and ideally help promote collaboration between departments within the company. It was a little black book on steroids, designed to help store a company’s valuable contact data and it grew […]

Improving Conversion Rates for Landing Pages – 5 Simple Tips

When building landing pages, the window of customer action is small. You need to craft your page to maximize the chances of the viewer doing whatever it is you want them to do, downloading a White Paper, subscribing to an eNewsletter, etc.

Here are five quick tips to make sure you are building an optimized landing page.

Personalized URLs and Security Concerns

Security Camera Image

This summer, the USPS is offering a discount to companies that include a QR Code on their mailings. Also, the QR Code must either point to a mobile-optimized personalized URL or a mobile-optimized storefront.

While personalized URLs were extremely “hot” a few years ago, they certainly have cooled […]