John Foley, Jr. Shares Thoughts and Predictions on drupa

Thank you very much to the folks at WhatTheyThink for running this video!

While our CEO John Foley, Jr. was at drupa, he had the chance to spend some time with Cary Sherburne in the WhatTheyThink video booth. Cary asked John for his thoughts on his first-ever drupa experience, as well as for his […]

Pictures from drupa 2012

Our CEO John Foley, Jr. is currently having a great time in Germany at drupa 2012.

And we are quite thankful that he’s been taking and sharing a ton of pictures with us from the event!

We’ve been posting them up on our Facebook page in a drupa 2012 photo gallery. We’d love for you […]

Did John Foley, Jr. Outrun Edwin Moses?

Our CEO John Foley, Jr. is delivering two presentations today in Germany at the Dscoop at drupa event.

While he was there, he also met Olympic champion Edwin Moses.

interlinkONE and Grow [...]
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