4 Tips for Better Marketing of Your Website

Doing all you can to market your company’s website should always be a top priority as a business owner. Pre-Internet; most business owners relied on word-of-mouth and marketing to get business. When turning the clock forward a couple of decades ago, the debut of the Internet literally changed the business world. For many business owners, this meant marketing in […]

Webinar Announcement: Beat The Website Winter Blues

Register below for our free webinar on February 13th, at 2 pm EST. We’ll provide tips on responsive web design, site layout, content, and much more expert advice from our graphic design and web development team.

Are you worn down from these relentless winter months?

Maybe we can’t control the weather (yet), but we can warm […]

CMS 101: A Crash Course

Good morning students. Welcome to CMS 101, where we will learning about content management systems and why your website should be using one.

First, let’s define “content management system.” According to Wikipedia (and yes, we use Wikipedia in this class), a CMS is a “computer program that allows publishing, editing and modifying content on a web site as […]