[title size=”2″]Let us help you attract and keep attention.[/title]Our mobile solutions are geared to help your business gain visibility on the mobile web. In today’s changing marketing landscape, this is crucial to the success of your organization. No matter what industry your company is part of, or what services you provide to your customers, embracing mobile as part of your marketing strategy is a sure-fire way to help increase revenue. We offer several solutions for mobile marketing. Our core three applications are listed below, click on them to learn more!

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[accordian][toggle title=”Create Mobile Websites with iFlyMobi” open=”no”] You’ve heard it before, the future of marketing is mobile. Companies that are not embracing mobile as part of their marketing strategy are missing out on key marketing opportunities that could drive more revenue for their business. Our easy to use mobile website builder and content management system, iFlyMobi, enables you to easily create mobile websites in just a matter of minutes.

Here are just some of the key features that iFlyMobi has to offer:

  • Mobile-Optimized Website Creation
  • Mobile-Optimized Business Cards
  • Mobile-Optimized Forms for Data Collection
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Automatic Generation of QR Codes
  • Embedding of Maps for Directions
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Click-to-Call Features
  • Incorporation of Blog or RSS Feed
  • White Label Program

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[/toggle] [toggle title=”Embrace Print-to-Web with QReate & Track” open=”no”] To truly influence your audience in today’s marketing world, you need to reach them through physical and digital platforms. QR Codes are undoubtedly the best way to integrate these two worlds. With QReate & Track, you can quickly and simply design, organize, and direct QR Codes to whatever channel you would like. When you’re ready to scan, take out your phone and head to the App Store or Google Play to download Laser Beam Lite. In the age of multi-channel marketing, don’t you want to be notable?

QReate & Track is your ticket to seamless multi-channel campaigns. Click here to learn more!
[/toggle] [toggle title=”Quickly Scan QR Codes with Laser Beam Lite” open=”no”] Laser Beam Lite allows you to scan and create QR Codes right from any iOS or Android device. The code will save to your photos for easy access to share of print. Scan or create QR Codes to perform various actions such as automatic web browsing, adding a contact to your mobile address book, sending SMS messages, dial a phone number, research product information, and much more.

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