One-Stop Shopping Fulfillment

The interlinkONE software solution allows you to setup online ordering portals. This provides people with the ability to access and order the materials they need, when they need them. But it doesn’t end there: because the portals are built on top of our inventory system, you can truly provide access to all types of materials through one front-end.

For example, a person could access the following types of materials through one storefront:

  • Static Literature
  • Electronic Fulfillment
  • Merchandise
  • Variable Data Print items
  • Digital Assets
  • Premium Items

With this type of access, you are providing many benefits to the end-user. They can quickly and effeciently go to one system, and order all of the materials that they may need. The benefits to you are just as good – you only need to manage one inventory system. You only need to check one page throughout the day to see which orders need to be processed. And, if the end-user finds it easy to place orders, then this will only help increase the amount of transactions that are created.


Electronic Fulfillment
Physical Fulfillment

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