Pair of Social Media Experts to Lead Social Sales ‘Teach me How’ Session at MarketingProfs’ B2B Forum

WILMINGTON, Mass. (October 14, 2016)— interlinkONE, Inc. is excited to announce that marketing industry veterans John Foley Jr. and Karen DeWolfe will be leading a highly-interactive session at the MarketingProfs’ B2B Marketing Forum in Boston on Thursday, Oct. 20, 2016, from 2-3 p.m.

Foley and DeWolfe will present Using Social Media to Generate Actual Sales, Not Just High-Fives. In their session, the pair will discuss how to target, identify and engage prospective customers across various social media platforms, the importance having a strategic plan, and why using the right social media software is key to finding success in social media generated sales. To provide attendees with a true understanding of why social media marketing and prospecting is valuable, Foley and DeWolfe will use real-world cases that prove significant return on investment is attainable.

Using Social Media to Generate Actual Sales, Not Just High-Fives is a “teach me how session” which makes this presentation unique. Instead of leading an hour-long speaking presentation, attendees will have the opportunity to exercise methods that Foley and DeWolfe discuss in real-time—participants are encouraged to bring a mobile device. Complementing the hands-on aspect of the session, attendees will also receive a thought-provoking workbook to help them reflect on their current social strategy or lack thereof and how to get started with or enhance social selling techniques.

Commenting on the session, DeWolfe said, “It’s an honor for us to present at B2B Marketing Forum. John and I enjoy leading really engaging presentations so we’re excited to participate in a ‘teach me how session’ because participants will actually get to practice what we’re discussing in real-time. Presenting in this format will help attendees better understand the value of social media generated sales, and role as a sales tool.”

In addition to their presentation, Foley and DeWolfe will be available at the B2B Office Hours, where attendees will have the opportunity to chat with the pair and ask questions to get their expert insight. The two will be participating in office hours on Thursday, Oct. 20 at 3:15 p.m. and Friday, Oct. 21 at 10:15 a.m. at the Birch Bar in the Westin Lobby.

About the Presenters

MarketingProfs_JFJ_HeadshotJohn Foley Jr. is distinguished by Forbes Magazine as the 15th Most Influential CMO on Social Media, is president and CEO of Boston-based interlinkONE and an expert on SaaS, social media, and inbound marketing. John and his companies use a combination of marketing communications software and consulting services to help organizations nationwide increase revenue through lead generation, strategy, and planning. He has written countless educational resources including white papers and eBooks, and he is a published author of 4 books.

MarketingProfs_headshotKaren DeWolfe has 20 years of experience in B2B marketing including significant experience in social media generated sales, content marketing, and marketing automation. In her role as vice president of sales, she is responsible for the company’s day-to-day sales and operations including, demand generation and management, marketing program management, and direct/indirect sales. During her extensive marketing career, she has assisted several Fortune 500 organizations with the automation and management of their multi-million dollar marketing initiatives.

About interlinkONE, Inc.

interlinkONE, Inc., celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, offers an assortment of cloud-based marketing solutions designed to assist with lead generation efforts including MAX and AwarenessHub. MAX is a powerful and user-friendly marketing automation platform that gets the right message to the right people at the perfect time. This intuitive system lets users build content-centered marketing campaigns that deliver engaging content to their audience, promote awareness, maintain a consistent message, and educate. Similarly, AwarenessHUB  is a social prospecting and sales platform that allows users to centrally manage all social accounts to listen and respond to customers in real-time while engaging prospects with targeted content. The platform provides insight into where potential and existing customers are online, what interests them most, and the ability to better interact and engage them to drive revenue growth. To learn more about interlinkONE’s innovative marketing solutions visit



Media Contact:

Donna Vieira
Vice President, Marketing
interlinkONE, Inc.

Upcoming Events: Fall 2016

Here at interlinkONE and Grow Socially, we have a busy fall ahead of us. So, just where will our team be in these upcoming weeks? Check below, and be sure to let us know in the comments if you’ll be seeing us at a show or event!

Northeast Regional Print Management Conference
October 16th – 18th | New Castle, NH

The Northeast Regional Print Management Conference is co-sponsored by two Northeast print industry associations, PINE and PIAlliance, and will cover topics from sales management, OSHA compliance issues, accountability of sales teams, and how election day will impact the print industry industry, among other topics. interlinkONE President and CEO, John Foley, Jr., will be attending PMC and hosting an engaging session, How to Make Money with Marketing Automation.

B2B Marketing Forum 2016
October 18th – 21st | Boston, MA

MarketingProfs’ B2B Marketing Forum is the place where leaders, innovators, and people who make things happen gather to learn about the latest in B2B marketing and share the secrets to success. John Foley, Jr., and interlinkONE VP of Sales, Karen DeWolfe, will be holding an interactive “Teach Me How!” session, Using Social Media to Generate Actual Sales, Not Just High-Fives.

PRSSA 2016 National Conference
October 21st – 25th | Indianapolis, IN

The PRSSA 2016 National Conference is the largest congregation of public relation students in the country. As the Society’s most popular event, the National Conference offers you the opportunity to network, learn, and develop your professional skills. John Foley, Jr. will be presenting Experience the Power of Influencers on October 22nd.

CMMA 2016 National Conference
October 22nd – 25th | Memphis, TN

The Communications Media Management Association is celebrating its 70th anniversary at this year’s National Conference, Leadership in Media: Honoring the Past, Shaping the Future. Karen DeWolfe will be attending this year’s conference, and is involved in three events throughout the show, including her session, Social Media: Build and Execute a Strategy for Success, the Social Media Panel Discussion, and a final Social Media Recap at the end of the conference.

PRSA 2016 International Conference
October 23rd – 25th | Indianapolis, IN

At the PRSA 2016 International Conference, you can enhance your personal and professional network while engaging with some of the world’s most influential companies and organizations that call Indiana home. interlinkONE Marketing Coordinator, Zachary Riley, will be accompanying John Foley, Jr., at this event, and Foley will be hosting a session, How to Use Social Media to Effectively Generate Sales.

Social Tools Summit
October 26th | San Jose, CA

The Social Tools & Best Practices Summit is a unique conference that focuses on social media best practices and technology. The Summit showcases the wide variety of social media tools available for companies large and small, how they can be fully leveraged, and real-life examples of how businesses are deriving ROI from them. Karen DeWolfe will be attending this year’s Summit, showcasing AwarenessHub, the number one social media software tool for sales prospecting.

MTech Summit 2016
November 1st | Boston, MA

Join the New England Direct Marketing Association for MTech, a day of cutting edge marketing technology education, and start to become the Marketing Engineer you need to be! John Foley, Jr. and Karen DeWolfe will be representing the interlinkONE team at this event, where John is the keynote speaker, presenting “50 Ah Ha!” Marketing Innovations and Ideas. John and Karen will also be hosting a session, Using Social Media to Generate Sales Effectively.

NE/SAE 2016 Technology Conference
November 10th | Devens, MA

NE/SAE’s 2016 Technology Conference will feature a full-day of interactive programming dedicated to the technology, operations, and communication issues that association industry professionals face in today’s world. Karen DeWolfe will be attending this conference, representing interlinkONE’s newest product, MAX, an automated marketing tool designed to simplify marketing and improve results.

We hope to see you at an upcoming event!

interlinkONE, Inc. Launches New SaaS MAX: Marketing Automation. Executed.

WILMINGTON, Mass. – (September 6, 2016) interlinkONE, Inc., a leader in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) industry, is thrilled to announce the launch of their newest marketing solution, MAX.: Marketing Automation. Executed, which went live to the public today, September 6, 2016, and has already been welcomed by organizations nationwide during the soft launch with rave reviews.

MAX_logoCountless organizations find it challenging to put consistent communication with their respective audiences at the top of their to-do list. This challenge is what led CEO John Foley, Jr. and his team at interlinkONE to create MAX, a powerful, user-friendly and affordable marketing automation solution that makes staying in touch with audiences effortless. Whether it’s an email, landing page, notification, or social media post, users can easily set up marketing campaigns of any style or size, and then MAX seamlessly executes the campaign on the organization’s behalf.

“We have been following MAX’s development with enthusiasm and are very excited that MAX is officially going live to the public. We know this tool will be effective for any organization, large or small, serious about educating and engaging with their clients. AS beta customers, we know that MAX is a user-friendly and well-designed system that stands apart from any marketing automation platform you’ve probably seen. We were able to jump right in and start building and executing campaigns that yield real results. MAX avoids having to re-invent the wheel to send out each step in a marketing campaign, you can build the entire campaign beforehand with little time investment and have MAX deliver it successfully. Then using MAX’s reporting capability, check out the results,” said Ed Marino, CEO of codeMantra, a technology and services company for the content economy.

What makes MAX different is that it was designed with the user in mind. MAX’s intuitive system requires no training, marketing degree or experience with automated marketing software. Complimenting these benefits is MAX’s one-of-a-kind reporting tool that allows users to generate traditional campaign reports or customize their own to report on areas that matter most to their organization.

“For years we have heard from clients and industry insiders that they were finding it impossible to automate their marketing activities without hiring a specialist or delegating a huge chunk of their budget to it. We saw a problem, and we created a solution that specifically addressed the needs we heard time and time again. The time is right for a product like MAX, and I’m thrilled that we’re officially launched today. Content marketing is the best way to make sales, but you need to be consistently delivering that content or you won’t get a good ROI. Set MAX up, then let it go to work for you,” said Foley, Jr.

With three affordable plans tailored to suit organizations of any size, MAX ensures users grab the attention of their audience and increase profits. To sign-up for MAX, view the plans and see how it can work for your organization visit today.

About interlinkONE, Inc.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, interlinkONE, Inc. has been a pioneer in the SaaS industry since 1996 when they launched their legacy platform, ilinkONEpro, which was one of the first software solutions available for download via the web, while industry peers were providing solutions that needed to be uploaded locally with CD-ROMs. Led by CEO John Foley, Jr., interlinkONE has continued to be an industry leader in new technologies with products and services to fulfill and exceed the needs of businesses and organizations locally and internationally.

Media Contact:
Donna Vieira
Vice President, Marketing
interlinkONE, Inc.

“Stop Thinking Like an Association” to Debut at ASAE Annual Meeting Led by John Foley, Jr. and Samantha Lake

ilinklogo_280WILMINGTON, Mass. – (August 1, 2016) John Foley, Jr., CEO of interlinkONE, Inc. and strategic association advisor, and Samantha Lake, Vice President of Association Marketing Services for Grow Socially, will present a one-of-a-kind learning lab session at the 2016 American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah. This high energy and insightful discussion, titled “Stop Thinking Like an Association,” will take place on Monday, August 15, 2016 from 4:00 – 5:00 pm MDT.

As we move deeper in to the digital age, associations often find themselves stuck in the rut of “business as usual.” Guided by John and Samantha, attendees will transform their mindset from that of an association, to that of an entrepreneur; ready to take risks, embrace change, and welcome challenges. Attendees will leave the session with an entirely new outlook on what it means to lead an association. John and Samantha will open the minds of participants to a culture that values forward thinking, creative problem solving, and team work by highlighting the benefits this mindset can bring.

“I am both excited and honored to present with Samantha at this year’s ASAE Annual Meeting and to share crucial knowledge to those attending. Too often, associations find themselves saying ‘we’ve always done it that way.’ Our goal is to change that mindset and I can say with complete confidence that this presentation will do just that,” said Foley.

The sixty minute session is open to all ASAE Annual attendees. Those who are among the first to arrive will receive a surprise gift box packed full of valuable tools to help along the journey to success. John and Samantha are allowing attendees to pre-register for both the session and the gift box to ensure a seat and a box. Registration for the session and the gift box will be available at Association Marketer. Sign up for the Association Marketer eNewsletter to be notified when this registration becomes available.

Registration for the conference is separate through the ASAE Annual Meeting website:

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, interlinkONE, Inc. provides a collection of innovative marketing software solutions including MAX, a powerful and user-friendly marketing automation tool. Designed to take the stress out of communication with members and prospects, MAX gets the right message to the right people at the perfect time, and on a platform suitable to them. This intuitive system lets users build campaigns that deliver compelling content to their audience, promote awareness, build relationships, and educate. And with MAX’s easy-to-use system, anyone can use it; no expertise required. To learn more about MAX and how you can stay in front of your members visit


Media Contact:
Donna Vieira
Vice President, Marketing
interlinkONE, Inc.

How In-Plants Can Use Cross Media: Part I

Cross media is essential these days for anyone trying to reach their target audience in a meaningful way. For in-plants, this may mean attracting the attention of your in-house clients, or helping your parent organization push its promotions to multiple channels.

Either way, a discussion of what cross media is, and how to use it effectively, can help you remain successful in today’s competitive environment. Read on to learn how to make cross media work for you:

What is cross media/multi-channel marketing?

gears_marketingFirst, let’s define what we’re talking about. In a nutshell, cross media means spreading your message over several different channels and media types to increase your target audience’s awareness of your brand and products.

Channels are different platforms you can use to communicate with your audience. Traditional channels include television, radio, and print, while traditional media types include flyers, business reply cards/envelopes, postcards, and newspapers. Today, they’ve been joined by a dizzying number of digital channels and media. Channels include social media, mobile apps, photo and video sharing sites (like Instagram and YouTube), and more, and media types consist of websites, landing pages, photos, videos, and the like.

Your direct mail campaigns also count as a channel; in fact, they can help make your cross channel campaigns more effective (and vice versa).

So how can you use cross media in your in-plant?

How does an in-plant get started with cross media?

Let’s look at an example to illustrate how cross media can help you, and give you some ideas on how to start incorporating it:

Let’s say University A is planning their annual alumni donation drive. They’ve got two main goals this year: increase donations and gather/update alumni email addresses. That second goal is important, because the school’s looking to cut postage costs by using more email in their fundraising efforts.

So you, the university’s trusty in-plant manager, come up with a plan. First, you’ll create a personalized postcard that offers a free gift (or makes some other compelling offer) in exchange for visiting the personalized URL printed on the card. You can even include a QR code (a square code that looks like a maze and can be scanned by smartphone apps and cameras) so they can visit their page without typing.

On their personalized page, you ask recipients to update their contact information, including those all-important email addresses (you can make the email mandatory, or send their free gift information to encourage them to include it). Then, send a thank-you email with information on how/when they’ll receive their gift.

You could also incorporate social media in a few different ways. First, you could include social media links on that direct mail piece, so alumni can “follow” the university on its social channels. Or, you could add buttons to the personal page so they can click to tweet or post to Facebook about their donation or your campaign.

This is just one example of how you can incorporate a cross media approach to your services.

So, what channels can you choose from, and how can you incorporate cross media into your marketing plan? Click here to read Part II!

12 Ways to Incorporate Social Media into Your Next Event

If you are attending or exhibiting at an upcoming event, be sure to prepare an online marketing strategy to help you plan for it, as events are a great opportunity to build awareness and promote your organization online. There are many online channels you can use for event promotion, but we would advise you to begin with social media. Social media is a key resource for promotion and engagement, and by executing the following steps, you will set your organization up for marketing success.

Let’s start by taking a look at the promotional aspect…

Before the Event:

  • Create and/or engage in a hashtag. Create buzz by giving the event a special online presence with this way of categorizing tweets.
  • Does the event have its own social media presence? If so, make your presence known there as well. Post on the Facebook event page, tweet using the event’s account and hashtag.
  • Make your schedule of events social-friendly. Allow users to “check-in” to venues. Make sure all blog posts related to the event can be easily shared on social networks and via email. The schedule should either be on a dedicated mobile page or on a page that was designed in responsive.
  • Spread the word elsewhere online. Make sure your colleagues and peers blog about the event and be sure to have an email campaign focused on it, or maybe even a webinar. Press releases are great too.
  • Keep it conversational. Be sure to ask open-ended questions regarding the event that generate a response. Use social media as an opportunity to gauge interest in the event, take surveys regarding what should be featured, and use it as a forum to field questions. This also gives a chance for organizations to retweet users’ responses in order to build a “word-of-mouth” hype.
  • Keep a countdown running. Don’t overwhelm your followers with information and messages only about the event, but be sure to have it mentioned and remind the users of it daily.

During the Event:

  • Take pictures of everything. Just when you think you’ve taken too many photos, take some more! People want to feel like they’re at the event, almost to the point where they feel like they didn’t miss out at all just by following you on social networks. Document everything as it will provide great blog content for your official site later on. Ask attendees to do the same and post on Twitter using the hashtag.
  • Take videos of all possible content. If anything, it’s great for your organization’s YouTube channel, but can also liven up a post-event blog entry. Also, it helps you sell future events.
  • Make your location known. If you’re attending a large scale event, make sure your followers know exactly where to find you. Tweet what room you’re in, what booth you’re at, and always use the hashtags so people know what you’re referring to. Even landmarks are helpful!
  • If people aren’t seeing you, MAKE them notice you. Engage with others at the event via social media so they feel compelled to come and find you. Search the event’s hashtag and interact with those participating so you already have some background with people when you meet in person.
  • Did you just meet someone you want to remember? Make them remember you. Engaging with and commenting to people via social media is the new “collecting of business cards.” No need to try to remember who you hit it off with at the conference, as long as you stay engaged with them through social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Tell everybody what happened. Write detailed and lively summary blogs for your organization, and leave no detail out.

Once it’s all said and done, your organization will have not only been an active participant on the conference room floor, but online as well. Promoting events via social media benefits you, your organization, and the event. There’s no better way to consistently engage and converse with others while spreading your organization’s name across multiple channels.

Be sure to incorporate as many of these steps as you can at your next event. If you need a plan, contact us for help. Good luck and enjoy!