Engaging in Hiring the Best Mobile Marketers

As more people purchase mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, they use them to do research on products and services and to make purchases.

Companies that want to capture this market must learn a special kind of marketing process called mobile marketing. Hiring experts in the field, or mobile marketers, will give them the edge.

But how do you find the […]

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Ecommerce and the Health Insurance Marketplace

The digital world is fueling ecommerce, which is exactly why more and more consumers are setting their sights online to make their next purchase.

And, health insurance providers are catching on to the online trend by promoting their insurance plans and products on the web in order to reach a massive consumer base.

Here are just a few ways health insurance providers […]

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Measuring Multi-Channel Marketing Efforts

Multi-channel marketing has become increasingly important due to the number of ways consumers can find information on products and services. B2B Marketing Insider says that consumers are making purchasing decisions from a variety of sources beyond your business website and sales people. Effectively measuring multi-channel marketing efforts helps you target where your brand message has the most impact. […]