interlinkONE Featured in TechCreative Case Study: Marketing and Mobile

Recently, I was interviewed by Boston based Semper, LLC for a case study in their TechCreative series. The case study, titled “With A Recognized Social Media Leader At Its Helm, A Marketing Solutions Provider Helps Clients Reach Mobile Customers” really focuses on the combination of two of my passions; technology and marketing.

It was an […]

Mobility Key to Success in 2015

Whether you market for a company or do marketing in accordance with owning your own business, are you truly getting it?

Sure, marketing is not exactly rocket science, but it does take coordination, time, effort and the ability to adjust to changing dynamics in the marketplace. Without being able to change and adjust to changes in the world of consumers, […]

Gaining Credit for Using Mobile Marketing

qrcodemoneyIf you’re a business owner or consumer and you have not tapped into mobile marketing, what are you waiting for?

As a larger percentage of the public is quickly discovering, mobile marketing is advantageous for both the business and the client.

For starters, mobile marketing can instantaneously put the […]

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