Tips for Landing Page Optimization

Landing page optimization can help bring visitors to your website and increase your site’s profitability. The basic principle behind this optimization process is to get more visitors in order to convert them to customers, or at the very least, a sales lead. Here are some tips to help you see results and to increase your landing page optimization.

Take Care […]

How to Ensure Your In-Plant’s Success

An in-plant usually employs a manager who is responsible for managing the in-plant’s budget. In addition, this manager tends to be in charge of planning for the future as well as setting a fee schedule for customers. And finally, the products that are distributed by the in-plant are distributed through coordination that the manager creates and carries out. As […]

Differentiating a Commodity from a Solution

Any company can sell commodities, solutions, or a combination of the two. At the management level, knowing which is which rarely creates any difficulty: McDonald’s sells hamburgers, while Stanley Steamer sells carpet cleaning. When looking specifically at sales, however, it’s a bit more difficult to understand how to differentiate between selling a commodity and selling a solution. Each requires […]