Delivering Food via Mobile Marketing

Spreading the word about great eats is an important marketing step for the food industry and major food manufacturers are cooking up new ways to reach consumers.

From online advertising to massive mobile marketing campaigns, big name food companies are really putting their brands in the culinary spotlight.

Here are just a few ways food manufacturers are marketing their tasty goods.

 Food […]

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Click on Mobile Marketing in 2015

Where does mobile marketing rank on your importance list as a business owner?

If the answer is medium to low range, why is that? More importantly, how do you plan to improve those numbers in 2015?

As more companies are quickly discovering, being an active mobile marketer is not only smart, it is almost becoming a downright necessity in today’s mobile […]

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Grow Your Business for 2015

Need some new solutions to help grow your business for 2015? Here at interlinkONE, we offer a wide variety of software solutions to help you effectively and efficiently market your business or association. Our goal is to help our customers achieve their goals. See below for more information about several of our solutions!

interlinkONE Warehouse/Order Management Software

interlinkONE’s warehouse and order […]