John Foley, Jr. and Samantha Lake to Debut “50 AH-HA Marketing Innovations and Ideas” at Graph Expo 2015

(Wilmington, MA) – John Foley, Jr., CEO and President of interlinkONE, and Samantha Lake, Director of Marketing at Grow Socially, will explore a “parade of ideas,” examples of extraordinarily diverse innovative programs, products, and projects that companies are putting into action or testing during their Graph […]

Some Asian Companies Marketing Winning Brands

Asian companies of all kinds are focusing on marketing, which is resulting in increased sales.

From social media marketing to mobile marketing, countries such as China, Japan, and Taiwan are using social media to reach more customers than ever before.

Here are just a few ways top Asian companies are marketing winning brands via social media:

Social Media and Asian Audiences

In order […]

5 Ways to Use QR Codes to Improve Your Next Conference

The smartphone has become an ubiquitous part of business culture. So, why not integrate smartphone use into your organization’s next conference? It is a great way to increase participation in your company-wide event. It’s easy to setup and do with QR codes. QR codes can be read by any smartphone and are a great and effective way add some […]