Schooling Others on Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is growing by leaps and bounds, so it’s no surprise colleges and universities are jumping on the mobile bandwagon too.

When it comes to connecting with potential students, the collegiate world is going the mobile route to market the benefits of higher education.

With educational advertising in mind, here are just a few ways colleges and universities are promoting […]

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Putting a Premium on Mobile Marketing

The rapid advancement of technology in recent years has caused consumer behavior to change radically.

Now, health insurance buyers can get all the information they need about insurance products and make purchases anytime, anywhere from their mobile devices.

According to a Pew Internet survey, about 91 percent of American adults owned a cell phone and 56 percent had a smartphone in […]

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Teaming Together Big Data and Mobile Marketing

Big data has been the buzzword for businesses for some time.

Companies can utilize big data to create better products and services and to market them more effectively to their target audience.

Mobile marketing is one area that can reap the benefits of big data. Combining the two components of marketing can give your business the edge it needs to come […]

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