Meet The Team at interlinkONE!

<strong>John Foley, Jr. </strong>
John Foley, Jr. President and CEO
<strong>Karen DeWolfe </strong>
Karen DeWolfe Vice President, Sales
<strong>Nicole Simonian </strong>
Nicole Simonian Executive Project Manager
<strong>Trevor Foley </strong>
Trevor Foley Marketing Assistant
<strong> Daniel Luise </strong>
Daniel Luise Marketing Assistant
<strong> Yolanda Huertas </strong>
Yolanda Huertas Finance
<strong>Samantha Lake </strong>
Samantha Lake Vice President, Association Marketing Services
<strong>Nancy Sullivan </strong>
Nancy Sullivan Account Manager
<strong>Adam Meixler </strong>
Adam Meixler Director of IT
<strong>Jacques Gingras </strong>
Jacques Gingras Senior Software Engineer
<strong>Dave Maison </strong>
Dave Maison Front End Developer
<strong>Justin Tseko</strong>
Justin Tseko Junior Web Developer
<strong>Tony Young</strong>
Tony Young Junior QA/Tester
<strong>Nick Scalese </strong>
Nick Scalese Junior Web Developer