This week, we’ll be getting to know Ginny Ciampa, interlinkONE and Grow Socially’s controller.

We thought the day would never come.

Easily the most elusive of all of the Meet The Team subjects to this point, Ginny Ciampa is not one for the spotlight.

Ginny is interlinkONE’s Controller, and will have been working with the company’s finance and HR for 11 years come this spring.

How she got her start here is one of the more entertaining stories that our team has come up with to date.

“I got my start here because Mikey and Trevor got in trouble,” she said. Mikey, her son, now a UMass-Dartmouth freshmen and Trevor Foley, John Foley’s son, a freshmen at Worcester State, were in trouble during their first grade recess.

“I got a call from the assistant principal, and that’s where I met Melanie (John’s wife). We connected, and at that point they were looking for someone to work in the finance department (at interlink). It was only supposed to be part time, but that’s how it all began.”

Ginny now controls all of the finance and HR efforts of the company, ranging from paying all the company bills, managing the budget, corporate tax returns, compliance measures, employee hires and compensation, operations – a wide array of responsibilities.

“A normal 9-5 is a ton of meetings,” said Ginny. “It’s just making sure everything gets handled.”

Ginny noted that her favorite part of the job would have to be her coworkers. “We have an awesome group of people,” she said. “They are committed. I think most people here like working with one another, I truly do believe that.”

“We have our moments but overall, we are just good as a team. That’s what makes this company great.”

Ginny also had laudatory statements for John Foley.

“His energy flows down to the company,” she said. “If it weren’t for his creativity, the company wouldn’t be here today. That’s the truth.”

After work, Ginny doesn’t need to go very far. “I am definitely a homebody,” she said. “I truly love when my family is all there. I’ve loved being a mother and a parent since the day I’ve had my kids, I look back and smile every time, on every aspect of it.”

Ginny lives in Wilmington with her husband Mike, and her three children – Kim, 22, Mikey, 19, and Stevie, 17. Kim and Mikey are also interlinkONE employees.

“I love cooking, reading, being outside,” said Ginny. “Walking, being near the ocean…it doesn’t take much to make me happy. I’m very simple.”

She shared that she isn’t much of a movie fan, and one of the biggest questions around her house is, “is this a Ginny movie?”

“I won’t watch anything that doesn’t have a happy ending,” she said. “If it’s stressful for suspenseful, I won’t watch it. If it makes you cry? Forget it.”

Ginny’s gentle and understanding nature make her a perfect fit for interlinkONE and Grow Socially, and her steady presence has helped guide the company for over a decade.

 Ginny Ciampa Fast Facts

Favorite Movie: None

Favorite TV Show: HGTV Love It Or List It

Favorite Food: Mexican

Favorite iPhone App: Flow

If you could pick the next interlinkONE/Grow Socially company outing, it would be…

“I would take everyone to Aruba.”