This week, we will be getting to know Kelly O’Halloran, a social media specialist atinterlinkONE and Grow Socially.

It is one of the more humorous paradoxes of our daily lives. We spend 40 hours a week with our coworkers and tend to know so little about them.

At 21 Concord Street, we all know each other pretty well. However, in the case of social media specialist Kelly O’Halloran, there was plenty to be learned in a short interview.

An employee since January of 2012, Kelly handles the social media for a number of clients. This includes everything from Twitter to Facebook, LinkedIn to Pinterest. “I try to come up with new campaign ideas, and how to integrate social media with other marketing efforts, like email and direct mail,” said Kelly.

Kelly is a native of New Hampshire. “I went to a really small high school, Brooks, a boarding school,” said Kelly. “I decided I wanted to go to college in the city, and looked at New York. I really liked Fordham’s campus, it was the opposite experience of what I came from.”

Fordham University, located squarely in the middle of the Bronx, offered that city experience Kelly was looking for. “I had my iPhone stolen out of my hand – while I was using it,” Kelly nonchalantly noted.

And we can’t forget the time Kelly was held at gunpoint.

“I used to work at a coffee shop. It was late one night, I was just on my laptop and a guy came in with a ski mask on and pulled out a gun,” Kelly recalled as if she were talking about picking up the morning newspaper.

“But I did take a final the next day and got an A.”

A truer definition of “dedication to studies” has never been found.

Kelly, who majored in communication and media studies, has also had impressive job experience prior to landing at Grow Socially. “I had an internship in New York with Alloy Entertainment, they are mostly well-known for the Gossip Girl series,” said Kelly. “I worked on the Vampire Diaries series as their social media person. I did all of their blog posts for a whole year. I even got to live tweet during the show. This led to my interest in social media.”

Kelly has also been featured in a New York area commercial. Rest assured, our crack research team has tracked it down for your viewing pleasure.

Kelly has quickly become an integral part of operations here in the office, and she’ll be attending Labelexpo in the coming week. Be sure to say hello if you’ll be in Chicago as well!

Kelly O’Halloran Fast Facts:

Favorite Movie: Cruel Intentions

Favorite TV Show: 48 Hours Mystery

Favorite iPhone App: Instagram

Favorite Food: Buffalo Chicken Pizza

If you could pick the next interlinkONE/Grow Socially company outing destination, it would be…

“Disney World.”

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