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Stop me if you’ve heard this before:

Life can be tough out there for companies inside the printing industry.

I know, that is not breaking news. The advent of the digital age has certainly proven to have a big impact to the printing industry. This applies to companies of all sizes, including in-plant printers.

NAPL’s Senior Technology Consultant Howie Fenton recently touched on that subject in a blog post entitled “Three Things In-plant Printers Must Do To Survive“.

Here was one quote that stood out to me: “In-plants, like their commercial cousins, are struggling with the same two issues – cyclical and structural changes that are reducing the demand for printed products. As a result, if you are an in-plant, the threat of outsourcing, a facilities management takeover, or closing altogether all loom on the horizon. Only those who can defend themselves are most likely to survive.”

The needs of a printer’s customer are vast and rapidly changing. I mentioned earlier that the advent of the digital age has certainly impacted the printing industry. But that impact does not need to be viewed as completely negative. Here at interlinkONE, we pride ourselves on helping the in-plant industry. We don’t see this is simply helping the industry “survive” or “stave off elimination.” We truly believe that printers can transform, expand the services that they offer, and see true growth. We are here to provide whatever assistance we can to make those steps smooth and successful!

Below are some of the solutions and products that we offer to help companies in the print industry, including in-plants. If you have a need for any of them items you see below, we certainly encourage you to check it out today.

·         Online Ordering and Fulfillment software

·         Multi-Channel Marketing Software

·         Mobile Website Building and QR Codes

·         Book: “Business Transformation: A New Path to Profit for the Printing Industry”

We truly believe that those tools can help in-plant printers grow their business today and into the future.

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