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What's New in iFlyMobi

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Over the past few weeks, our development team has been hard at work on some big enhancements for iFlyMobi product.

In case you don’t know, iFlyMobi is an application that makes it very easy to build mobile websites. As the number of smartphone owners continues to grow, we think that companies of all sizes and types must take steps to reach the mobile audience.

I personally think that iFlyMobi rocks. And I’d love for you to feel the same way too.

Give it a try today!

We offer a 14-day free trial to let you experience the tool first-hand.

Below are some of the recent enhancements that have been added to iFlyMobi:

Organize the Layout of your Mobile Home Page

Our team has been taking steps to provide iFlyMobi users with more flexibility on the design and layout of their mobile websites.

We have recently released a feature that makes it very easy for our customers to control the sort order of all of the links on their mobile website. This includes Pages, External Links, and Blogs.

Learn how to use this feature today >>

Connect a Blog/RSS Feed to Your Mobile Website

There is no doubt that inbound marketing and content marketing continue to be hot topics among folks in the world of communications.

It certainly has proven to be very important for companies to have dynamic content on their website.

The same applies to a mobile website!

Thus, we have delivered¬†enhancements¬†that allow users to easily connect a Blog/RSS feed to their mobile website. Once they’ve made the connection, they can customize the name of their Blog, and then let our system do the work of updating the mobile website with fresh content from the Blog each day!

Learn how to use the Blog/RSS feature today >>

And More!

These are just a few of the powerful features that our iFlyMobi users can take advantage of.

Check out our Learn More page now to see what else you can do to reach the growing mobile audience!

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