If your company sends out direct mail (which it should be doing as part of multi-channel campaigns, right!), it is vital that you add personalization to your materials.

One benefit of doing that is it may help your materials stand out from the crowd. Also, personalizing direct mail helps us to demonstrate to our customers and prospects that we're paying attention to them, and that we want to share relevant information and offers.

It really does boil down to this: When it comes to mail, the more enticing the material, the more likely a recipient will be to read it and take action. And a personalized direct mail piece can certainly be enticing!

If you are looking to personalize your direct mail pieces, here are three ideas worth considering.

3 Ideas for Personalizing Direct Mail

  • Consider the location of the recipient and design the materials accordingly: By taking a look at the recipient's location, you should be able to identify a data element that could be converted to personalized content. For example, if you are sending direct mail to promote your retail store, gym, or some other physical location, you could personalize the piece to show just how close the person is to that spot. This could be represented graphically, via a map, or simply in text (i.e. “you are less than 2 miles away!”)
  • If you are targeting previous customers, appeal to that and possibly reference the product or service they purchased: If we are sending direct mail pieces to our existing customers, we truly have no excuse not to personalize our materials. Take the time to look at their purchase history. With that data, you should be able to ensure that the promotions and offers on your direct mail piece are truly relevant to them.
  • Based on demographics that you know, select colors  that may appeal to each group: This one may take a bit more research and creativity. But there certainly are studies out there regarding the effect that certain colors may have on different groups of people. If you can find a way to use the right ones for the segments inside of your target audience, you should be able to increase your response rates.

These are just a few ideas for how your marketing efforts can be improve with personalized direct mail.

Are there others that you've enjoyed creating or receiving? If so, please let me know in the Comments!
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