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  • Folder Management: Customers will be able to create and manage folders to better organize and store their QR Codes. For example, folders could be used to describe campaigns, product types, and more.
  • QR Code Folder Assignment: Customers will have access to new fields that allow them to assign new QR Codes and existing QR Codes to multiple folders.
  • Cleaner Navigation: With the growing popularity of QR Codes, our customers have been creating them more frequently than ever before. Thus, users now have the ability to access QR Codes via the Collapsable/Expandable folders, as opposed to searching a long list of each code on the left-navigation menu.
  • Trash Feature: For various reasons, users may want to inactivate or remove a QR Code after a period of time. These codes will now be displayed in the Trash folder to keep them out-of-sight by default. Where to buy Adobe InCopy CS4 oem


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